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Anyone can compete to be national, continental and/or world champion at each event and for the series! The goal of the virtual world series is to help you stay fit and compare yourself with anyone (or everyone) else in the world. This is primarily designed to fun, a bit competitive if you want, and above all … fun!

Competitive athletes must submit verification of their obstacle completion, distance and time as described below. No verification = no result. The OCRWS-V is designed to simulate a real OCR and is subject to similar rules.

The World Series is six races that crown the World Series champions after the final race in October. Points are awarded for each race and points from your top three races of the final four (races 3 through 6) count toward the final standings.  Accumulated points for the top three elite athletes in each category, from each country, are automatically included in the World Team Rankings.

The OCR Virtual World Championships will be in November with the top Elite Athletes competing in a globally broadcast TV show. Athletes qualify or are nominated by their national federation to compete in the OCRWC-V.

Only one race submission is allowed each month.


Gold Silver and Bronze virtual medals will be awarded across all categories and the final medal table will show the top-performing athletes and countries!

National Federations may require additional requirements for athletes in each country. Contact your national governing body here for details…

  • Elite (no age requirements)
  • 5-year age groups: 20 through 65+ (20-24, 25-29, etc.)*
  • 2-year AG: 10-11 through 18-19
  • Open (no verification but no awards)
  • Elite Team (automatically calculated)
  • Para OCR: PO1, PO2-4 and PO5 classification details here
* Age Group is the age you will turn in 2020 (your age on December 31, 2020).
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RACE 6 FORMAT (October)

6.8 km running and 16 obstacles (3.6 km and 8 obstacles for under 10 years old and para)
One lap is (3.2 km / 8 obstacle sets):
1. 400 m run then 10 overhead press
2. 400m run then 5 pull ups
3. 400m run then 20 alternating weighted lunges
4. 400m run then 10 hand release push ups
5. 400m run then 10 hand release dead hangs
6. 400m farmer carry then 10 single hand overhead press
7. 400m run then 10 mountain climbers
8. 400m run then 10 side to side hanging lateral crunches
Repeat above set 2x (one set only for U 10 and para) then:
  • 400m run to the Finish
  • Pull up frame (e.g. Pull Up Mate) or goal posts, tree, etc.
  • 400 m athletic track
  • 2 hand weights: kettle bells, dumbbells, water jugs, sandbags, etc.
Distance must be verified using a GPS enabled device or video on a standard athletic track, football field or similar. If you are in a small space you may do 100 Jumping Jacks per 100m equivalent. 200 JJ = 200m run. You must squat and touch the ground between each set of 10 JJ repetitions.
  • Two hand weights for all weighted exercises.
  • A single weight may be used provided it is supported the both hands, e.g. sandbag with handles, rec bag, backpack, barbell, etc.
  • 2x 10 kg (22 lb) men (elite and age group)
  • 2x 7 kg (15 lb) women (elite and age group)
  • 2x 5 kg (11 lb) for 16 through 19 years old and Open
  • 2x 2 kg (5 lb) for U15


  • A 10 second penalty will be assessed for each incomplete, incorrect or unverifiable obstacle repetition.
  • A 30-minute penalty will be assed for no video verification
  • A 30-minute penalty will be assessed for no distance verification
  • Incomplete or short running distance may result in a time penalty or DSQ.
  • You can make up the distance at the end if your GPS device registers short.
  • If you use a standard track or field of a known distance you may use this to verify the distance provided you show all runs on video. Football fields vary in length. Make sure you verify the distance!
  • You must verify the obstacle order and completion by video and/or accurate heart rate.
  • Total time for the race must be verified (elapsed or clock time/time of day at the start and finish). Moving time is not total time.
  • General OCR Competition Rules apply.
  • We expect everyone to be polite, courteous and sportsmanlike.
  • Cheating or unruly behavior, on-line or otherwise, may result in disqualification.
  • The World OCR Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics apply.



All times are US Eastern (GMT – 5 hours): World Series #6 October 16 – 31

Plan your race so that you have time to upload the verification video and information by the time the race closes. This can take a couple of days in some countries so be sure to finish your race with plenty of time.

World Series Finals November for top-ranked Elite will be broadcast with live commentary.


  1. Register for free here…
  2. Compete anytime you want before the end of the month for each World Series Event.
  3. Record the distance of your race with a GPS enabled device (watch, phone, etc.) or on a standard track*.
  4. Video your obstacle completions. You might need a power source, external battery, or more than one device if memory and electrical charge are an issue. You can use time-lapse provided each obstacle repetition can be easily verifiedPost your video to YouTube.
  5. Login to your account and enter your time, video and distance verification (the screenshot of your run verification) under the Activities Tab (or image of your event verification form) the appropriate category.
  6. Post your video to Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc. and tag @worldocr #ocrworldseriesV
  7. For countries with limited access to technology and related infrastructure, please work with your national federation. Contacts your federation here
  8. Deadline for submission is 3rd of the following month.
  9. No appeal for late submissions.

For Competitive Categories, add additional evidence of obstacle completion:

  1. Photo of distance verification (tape measure, watch, app, website, etc.)
  2. 2nd photo for elapsed (total) time verification. This can be clock time (time of day) showing the start and finish. You can sync your device to Strava to obtain total / elapsed time if you’re ap
  3. Video link for verification of obstacle order. Video angle and speed must allow clear judging of obstacle order (including run order), completion and form. Increased video speed (2x, 4x, etc.) is allowed provided it allows easy judging. If video speed is adjusted, race officials decide if the speed is suitable for judging.
  4. Including a video of the entire race is ideal but not mandatory. This may be useful to remove doubts as to rule compliance, distance and time.

*If you don’t have access to a GPS tracker, you can use a measured athletic track (100m, 400m, etc.), football field, basketball court, or similar and show it in your video. Alternatively have an official from your national federation, national sporting association, National Olympic Committee, or credible witness verify the distance. Download the verification form below and upload as your screenshot.

The scoreboard is live and keeps accurate rankings as new times are entered, so make sure to check back throughout the day and send daps to your friends as they complete the workout.


10 Overhead Press
  • 10 repetitions
  • Start with the weights on the ground
  • Pull both weights up and press overhead simultaneously
  • Arms straight at the top
  • Return weights to shoulder height between repetitions
  • Return the weights to the ground
  • A single weight may be used provided it is held with both hands, e.g. sandbag with handles, backpack, barbell, etc.
5 Pull Ups
  • Chin to bar
  • Elbows no less than 90 degrees at the bottom (no need to have arms straight at the bottom)
  • Use pull up bars, door frame, rope or towel over a tree branch, playground structure, goal posts, etc.
  • Open and kids (under 10 years old) can jump into the pull up, i.e. feet on the ground between each.
  • Rest is OK between pull ups for age group categories.
  • Elite must not touch the ground between repetitions, i.e. must do all five in each set continuously.
  • A 30 second penalty will be assessed for each incomplete pull up set.
20 Weighted Lunges
  • 10 right leg and 10 left leg lunges
  • Knee to ground
  • Step forward then back alternating legs
  • One weight in each hand (like a Farmers Carry)
  • Weights must remain below shoulder height at all times
  • Knees must be 90 degrees or less at the bottom
  • Legs must be straight at the top
Hand Release Push Ups
  • 10 repetitions
  • Start arms straight at the top
  • Chest to ground
  • Hands off the ground
  • Back up to straight arms
  • Finish with arms straight after the 10th chest to ground
  • Open and kids (under 10 years old) can do pushups with knees on the ground
Hand Release Dead Hangs
  • Start hanging from bar with both hands
  • 10 repetitions (5 releases per side)
  • Release one hand at a time and tap the opposite shoulder
  • Alternate hand releases
  • Finish with both hands on the bar then final release
400m Farmer Carry
  • Weight can be any object(s) provided you hold them in your hand(s)
  • Use buckets, water jugs, jerry cans, rocks, log, kettlebells, dumbbells, it’s up to you!
  • Weight(s) must be supported by your hands and must remain below shoulder height.
  • Confined space: 400 step ups alternating left and right (200 left & 200 right), 20 cm (8 inch) step. Touch at least one weight to the ground after every 20 steps.
Single hand Overhead Press
  • 10 total repetitions
  • Start with the weight on the ground: half of the total weight, e.g. 10 kg not 20 kg
  • Lift and press weight with straight arm overhead
  • Return the weight to the ground each repetition
  • 5 reps with one hand followed by 5 reps with the other hand
Mountain Climbers
  • 10 repetitions alternating each leg (20 total)
  • Start arms straight, shoulders over your hands, plank position
  • Bring one foot forward, knee to chest, toe to the ground
  • Back leg remains fully extended behind
  • Kick the forward leg back whilst bringing the back leg forward
Hanging Lateral Crunches
  • Hanging from bar with both hands
  • 10 repetitions (alternate side to side, 5 each side)
  • Thighs horizontal at the top
  • Straight legs at the bottom


Event-Verification-Form (pdf) Download
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