Ninja competitions are events where individuals and teams compete on Ninja Warrior style obstacles. Competitions are held on courses between 25 m and 200 m long with 4 or more Ninja Warrior obstacles, as head-to-head races or timed competitions. Events have been popularized by the American Ninja WarriorUltimate Beastmaster and Sasuke television show competitions in 148 countries. A billion people worldwide follow these shows. The official international League of Ninja OCR is the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association.


1996 Sasuke TV Show Competition, TBS Japan

2006 Sasuke “Ninja Warrior” airs on G4 Network in the USA

2009 American Ninja Warrior (ANW) season 1 in the USA (season 12 in 2020)

2015 Ninja versus Ninja (head to head Sport version)

2017 Team Ninja Warrior (head to head mixed relay)

2018 American Ninja Warrior Junior (head to head) ages 9-14

2019 Ninja World Championships, Russia “Arena of Heroes” (head to head and mixed relay)

It is thought there are over one billion viewers worldwide, with TV show competitions in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Bahrain, China, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, and Australia. Shows are seen in 148 countries.


Ninja World Championships 2019, Moscow, Russia

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