Important Message For All National Federations

World OCR and the International Parkour Federation agree to partnership. Details and discussion at the World Congress on August 29th Under recommendation from Olympic strategists and experts in international sport governance, IPF and World OCR have signed a memorandum of understanding…
World OCR IPF partnership

IPF and World OCR Agree to Historic Partnership

The World OCR and International Parkour Federation (IPF) announce Memorandum of Understanding to form a unified international federation governing obstacles sports, disciplines and events Lausanne, Switzerland  The World OCR and International Parkour Federation (IPF) announced today…

Watch the Relive of the European Championships 2018

Next Tuesday, the 18th of August 2020 at 4:00 pm (GMT+2), you will get the opportunity to watch the relive of the European Championships 2018. The confirmed commentators will be Stuart Amory from Scotland, Kevin Donoghue…

Leon Kofoed

-How you would describe OCR in three words? Is Obstacle Course Racing too easy of an answer? Here’s a better one: Lifestyle Changing Experience   -When and how did you start to compete in the OCR? I…

Relive all the emotions of the SEA Games 2019

Tomorrow the World OCR is going live with a multi-stream broadcast of the SEA Games 2019. Join our dream team of commentators Chiqui Reys @tribasketbolista , Ricardo Gressel @thewarriorric , Stuart Amory @stuartamorypt , Samantha Pruitt @thesamanthapruitt and Kevin Donoghue @kevin_donoghue_ and reflect the…
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